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“Miriam not only writes beautiful copy, she has beautiful ideas. There are not many copywriters at this level. But Miriam Reith is more than a copywriter and idea-generator, she's an artist! She is a strategic top-creative with analytic gifts and exceptional sensitivity in brands and marketing communication activities. I really like to work with her and I appreciate her wise yet gentle approach.”

"Strategic thinking paired with a creative mind, that's how I got to know Miriam. I am grateful to have had Miriam recommended to me. 

Even in difficult moments Miriam kept her cool and stayed focused. A "crazy" collaboration that was a lot of fun. Thank you!"

"Modern, innovative and with strong text messages. Miriam dips – investigatively – her "swords" in ink and her "pen" in "blood" – always for the benefit of her clients – in the spirit of Karl Kraus. Predicate: especially valuable!"

"Du bist die beste Texterin, der ich jemals begegnet bin. Was Du leistest, was Du kannst, das ist 'was, das gibt es echt nur selten. Deshalb bin ich ja auch so happy, dass ich Dich gefunden habe."

"Efficient and enjoyable collaboration, creative minds, great result for our animated comic "The 116 116 Super-Twins" on kartensicherheit.de. Thanks to Miriam Reith, Peter Ederer and Niklas Kleber. To be continued...

"My film production company was to make a film that mixted images and explanations about a relatively sober, highly complex subject. For the first time we brought a copywriter/conceptual designer on board from the very beginning. Miriam Reith personally received the customer briefing together with me. I could hardly imagine how one could reconcile the incredible amount of detail with the customer's specific ideas. But Miriam did a wonderful job. First she created three concepts to choose from, then she formed everything into a dense, persuasive script; even the story has charme now. On this basis we were then able to efficiently implement the project with animation, film etc. The whole thing was a new, fascinating experience, which really inspired me. The cooperation with Ms. Reith was absolutely great. We'll be happy to do it again."

“Excellent copywriter – someone, who quickly evolves a feeling for her client’s business, who speaks positioning from her heart, and is able to transform information into pithy messages. Emotional, with a twinkle in the eye, and to the point.”

“I retired in 2003. So I don’t remember specific business details, or in which decade we worked together. What I do remember is that working with you was very pleasant, you were able to come to grips with technical details very well, and great solutions came out of it.”

"Our cooperation has "stuck" with us all as a very value-adding experience and we are more than convinced of your competence."

“Smart. Reliable. Creative. Miriam digs beneath the surface and draws out that magic essence so critical to compelling communication. Definitely the Reith choice!”

"Miriam Reith is a highly creative and always focussed woman, who is not only a top strategist in principle and finds the right words for the concept, but who is also on the move in terms of design and overall direction. It almost seems as if this person simply masters everything. You might think that this can very unpleasant and nerdy, that nobody likes such people. But I have to disappoint the reader, she is nice and warm-hearted and you want to tear out your hair that you can't be like this yourself. Buy recommendation."

"Miriam Reith has the rare ability to think visually in concepts, even on a very high level – for me as a designer this is extremely valuable. She is a great team player, the exchange with her is bubbly. You can tell she can do her job and she loves it. She is reliable and fair. My recommendation: Absolute professional!!“

„Deine Arbeit ist unglaublich. So viel Können, Schönheit, Wortkunst und Liebe. DANKE.“

"It's hard to describe how it feels to be 100% understood. Ingenious when what is understood becomes content and expression, like a mirror image that you see for the first time and immediately recognize as yourself. There are inspired people at work."

"A collaboration with Miriam Reith leaves nothing to be desired. Her professionalism and her know-how in the areas of text, concept and creative direction gives customers the feeling of being in perfect hands. I can only warmly recommend to everyone to get creative advice from Miriam Reith. We'll be back."

“Nice contact, high-speed delivery – excellent handling. Delivered more than the quote required. Always welcome.”

Or alternatively:

You introduced yourself to me (at that time head of DesignDirect, an Ogilvy unit) with the question ‘Am I your Mrs. Reith?’ (pronounced “right”) Still today I can say: You were all-round more than right. Yes, you were my Mrs. Right. You were inspiring, exceptional and moreover a very insightful and good copywriter. It was great fun to work with you.

And this is without any embellishments.”

“What I most liked about our collaboration was your longing to understand what I, too, had said, and to recognize the inherent potential in it. And the patience with which you followed up on even the vaguest of utterances. Obviously, you take your fellow human beings seriously and you are quite the opposite of arrogant. I see that as a strength, it sets you apart. 

Plus, you really help your team mates relax, because they feel accepted. And ONLY relaxed people are truly creative. So I would say you have a performance-enhancing effect on people, in the best sense. Furthermore, I have never met someone who is so passionate about their work. You didn’t just focus on making a big impression with your words and putting yourself in a good light, but the work itself was your chief concern, right down to the minutest detail. It was always a pleasure to read the results of your reflections!”

“What do I appreciate about you? Your passion for communication, your critical attitude during the developmental process of ideas, always accompanied by the question of whether the idea will reach its aim, if it has the capacity to obtain the optimal outcome, and if it will move the target group.

Who did I get to know? A creative personality with high conceptual insight, able to think in an integrated way and across all channels required by a job.”

“When I started as a Junior Copywriter at OgilvyOne in 2005, I had come fresh from the ‘Texterschmiede’ (a copywriter academy) in Hamburg. Enthusiastic, but still relatively inexperienced in practice.

I was always happy when one of the other copywriters would take the time to show me the ropes. But there were only a few who actually did so – and most of them only did it halfheartedly. Miriam was different. When Miriam spent time with me, I knew she was all mine and I could learn lots of copywriting skills from her. Her ability to evolve new and extraordinary ideas again and again (and still more, and still more...) has often aroused my own ambition and spurred me on to challenge myself.

I was happy about every job we could do together. Effective, structured, sophisticated and still with lots of fun and lightness. She masters this certain stylistic lightness – it’s what I would call the high art of writing. Only copywriters who aim to reach this level really understand how difficult it is.”

“We were procrastinating about our internet presence, to be honest. Then Ms. Reith took over the project and everything went like clockwork. Perfectly organized! Absolute fair value for money. As comfortable as it could be for the client. Plus: since our website has gone live, many new prospects are contacting us. These new clients are definitely traceable to the website contact, because we always ask them during our first conversation. Most people, existing customers as well, emphasize that the website is very clearly structured and provides an excellent overview. Nevertheless, and we are still puzzling over this today, we don’t know how Ms. Reith was able to think her way so deeply into our professional discipline of insurance brokers.”

“I have come to know you as a very gentle, precise and incredibly creative Creative Director with lots of energy. You were perfectly skilled at keeping us on the right track, if someone became obsessed or was at a loss. It was a great pleasure to work under your guidance. With you at our side, nothing could go wrong. We were able to brainstorm weird ideas, to be creative, to have fun and I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Oh yeah, you even held my hand during my tattoo session, hehehe.“